Current maps showing the North American regions where different types of garden plants will flourish are based on wea...

Facundo on January 14, 2016


Please explain answer thanks


Mehran on February 4, 2016

@TheFacu the claim here is that new maps will be more useful than current maps. Why?

New maps are made using computerized data from several thousand modern weather stations AND input from home gardeners across North America.

Current maps are based on weather data gathered 60 years ago from a few hundred primitive weather stations.

This is a Bizarro Strengthen question so we are looking for the answer choice that does NOT strengthen this claim.

(A) strengthens by pointing out why the home gardeners' information incorporated into the new maps is useful.

(B) does not strengthen. "Some" means at least one. So (B) is effectively saying that "one of the weather stations currently in use are more than 60 years old." This is completely irrelevant and has no bearing on this claim.

(C) strengthens by pointing out why the additional data of the new maps is helpful.

(D) strengthens by tying the information about weather to maps showing where different type of garden plants will flourish.

(E) strengthens by pointing out why weather patterns from 60 years ago is not more useful that recent data.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Alexandra on May 24, 2021

But they used weather maps before as well. Why does saying that weather data are the most useful indicator show that the new options will be any more useful than the old options, when they are both weather maps?