Both passages are primarily concerned with addressing which one of the following questions?

Lily on September 27, 2013

Conscious animals

I know that when dealing with comparative passages I am to look for: 1) general vs specific 2) agree vs disagree 3) similarities vs differences 4) keep track of voices and opinions But when it comes to passages with words that I am unfamiliar with or topics that are science related, for some reason my brain shuts down and I cannot derive the simple things! In this specific passage, words like stimulus, inadvertent, and priori threw me off. I was able to get what passage B said from line 53-65 and only answered 16,18,19 right based on that info. Everything else was a blur. Can someone kindly walk me through this passage and state how they would approach this type of passage?? Thank u!!

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Julian-Musikant on June 28, 2019

^echo. Why is E incorrect?

zia305 on April 29, 2020

Can someone please explain why E is right answer choice?