Many scholars are puzzled about who created the seventeenth-century abridgment of Shakespeare's Hamlet contained in t...

Ankit on April 3, 2016

Answer choice E?

Why is the answer not E? The stim states that the person did not possess a copy of the Hamlet. The reason I crossed off C was because I assumed that the actor would have a copy of the Hamlet since they are acting it out. And if C is correct then why can't D be correct? Perhaps the spectator paid attention in the beginning of the play and therefore only one of the speeches was a very accurate rendering. Thanks in advance.


Jack on August 10, 2016

C didn't make much sense to me either, apparently this question suggests an actor in Hamlet is not supposed to have a copy of the play.

Avi on May 21, 2020

I was very confused by the question but I picked D. I assumed that people in the play would know the whole play better than one of the spectators.