If Center 1 is the only recycling center that recycles wood, then which one of the following could be a complete and ...

Briesha on October 6, 2016


In certain q's on the exam, the original conditions may not apply based upon the wording of the question? Such as this one. The condition that center 1 and 2 recycle the same materials. Thank you!

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Mehran on October 7, 2016

@BrieShaniece thanks for your message. The problem here is that your interpretation of rule 2 is incorrect.

Rule 2 does not establish that center 1 and center 2 recycle the same materials.

Let's break it down to understand why:

"Every kind of material that Center 2 recycles is also recycled at Center 1."

"Every" introduces a sufficient condition, so this rule would be diagrammed as follows:

2 ==> 1
not 1 ==> not 2

This means that if center 2 recycles a material, then center 1 must also recycle that material.

However, we cannot say that if center 1 recycles a material, then center 2 must also recycle that material.

Remember, don't just reverse! The existence of the necessary condition does not allow us to conclude anything else.

If center 1 recycles a material, it is possible that center 2 also recycles it but it is also possible that center 2 does not.

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Hope that helps! For a more in-depth discussion on Sufficient & Necessary conditions, please watch our video lesson on this topic.

Shylah on September 26, 2018

Does this mean that in this question center 2 does not have to recycle N just because it has to be recycled in center 1 because W is present in center 1. I was confused about this while watching the video.