If Limelight is never shown again during the festival once Greed is shown, then which one of the following is the max...

awashing on November 2, 2016

Starting with Saturday vs. Thursday

I watched the video which made sense but what tripped me up on this Q is that I did not begin on Saturday to benefit from maximizing the times that Limelight could be shown. In fact, I didn't even consider this to be an option since my mind had me start with chronological order, mapping the showtimes for Thursday first, and doing that led me to getting 5 max showtimes. How was I to know to start on Saturday and how could I avoid this pitfall in questions such as this that deal with time and order? Thanks!

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Mehran on November 9, 2016

@awashing the key to this question is that "Limelight is never shown again during the festival once Greed is shown."

Since we are trying to maximize the number of film showings, we would want to place G as late as possible to have L show up multiple times before.

Notice if G showed up on Thursday or Friday, L could not appear after it, which limits the number of film showings.

Hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Christian on October 13, 2022

Whether you have all 3 movies play on Thursday or you hold greed until Saturday you still get six. T:G.L.H F:H.G S:G