Ariel: Government art subsidies never benefit art, for art's role is to challenge society's values. A society's valu...

lostsoul on December 11, 2016


I did not understand this one at all. Can you please help?

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Mehran on December 20, 2016

@lostsoul this is a Point at Issue question so we are looking for the answer choice that one agrees with (i.e. "Yes") and one disagrees with (i.e. "No").

(D) is the correct answer because it satisfies this test.

"Art subsidies provided by a democratic government benefit art."

Ariel would clearly disagree with this statement as evidenced by the first sentence, i.e. "Government art subsidies never benefit art . . . "

Sasha, on the other hand, would clearly agree with this statement as evidence by her conclusion, i.e. ". . . in a democratic society, government art subsidies ensure that artists can be fully committed to their work while expressing themselves freely."

So Ariel would say "no" while Sasha would say "yes."

Hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.