Company president: For the management consultant position, we shall interview only those applicants who have worked ...

ariella on March 7, 2017


I put E. Can you explain why A is correct and E is incorrect?

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Mehran on March 13, 2017

@ariella the flaw in this argument is the company president assuming that by only interviewing those applicants that have worked for management consulting firms generally recognized as in the top 1 percent of firms worldwide, the company will ensure it will hire one of the best management consultants available.

The possibility exists that one of the best management consultants available has never been employed by a firm generally recognized as in the top 1 percent of firms worldwide.

This is exactly what (A) says, i.e. "takes for granted that only the best management consultants have worked for the top management consulting firms."

The flaw here is not assuming that these consultants are highly competent at every task, which is what (E) says.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Julie-V on July 29, 2019

I chose (A) as the right answer but I was wondering if someone could confirm that I correctly eliminated the wrong answer choices:

(B) is talking about an unrep. sample, which isn't the case
(C) is talking about a part to whole flaw, which isn't the case
(D) talks about accepting the job offer when we're concerned about the president's assumption that the best consultants can only be found from top 1% firms worldwide

Thanks in advance!

Victoria on August 9, 2019

Hi @Julie-V

All correct! Keep up the good work!