Farmer: Because water content is what makes popcorn pop, the kernels must dry at just the right speed to trap the co...

Ariella on March 7, 2017


Do you mind explaining this please?

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Mehran on March 13, 2017

@ariella this is a Paradox question, so we are looking for a possible explanation to the discrepancy in the stimulus.

What is the discrepancy here?

That the best way to achieve this effect is to have the sun dry the corn while the corn is still in the field but this farmer always drying the ears on a screen in a warm, dry room.

Why isn't this farmer using the best method?

(A) serves as a possible explanation by ruling out the best method of using the sun to dry the corn while the corn is still in the field, i.e. "the region in which the farmer grows popcorn experiences a long, cloudy season that begins shortly before the popcorn in fields would begin to dry."

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.