L must be the monument that was begun in 602 if which one of the following is true?

Flavio on April 16, 2017

How is E the right answer?

If L is in 602, wouldn't it force G to be in 601? It's the most restrictive choice that I'm seeing.

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Mehran on April 21, 2017

@Flavio (B) is the trap answer here.

The question is NOT what must occur if L is in 602.

The questions is "L must be in 602 if . . . "

You can have the following scenario, which proves that L does not have to be in 602 if G is in 601:


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Yuliya on October 18, 2019

This explanation is not clear enough.

on August 12 at 02:06AM

Nice explanation! I fell for this trap. With practice, I will hopefully catch these in future. The conditions implicit to the question.