Journalist: Can you give me a summary of the novel you are working on?Novelist: Well, I assume that by "summary" yo...

Michelle on August 20, 2017

Not quite sure

I got this answer by process of elimination, but can you please explain why it's correct? Thanks!


Mehran on September 6, 2017

Hi @MichelleRod, thanks for your post.

This is a parallel reasoning question. To select the right answer choice, we must first be sure we are clear on what is happening (in terms of reasoning) in the stimulus.

The question asks us to parallel the reasoning used by the novelist. So let's first look at her statement:

P: I assume that by "summary" you mean something brief, and not a version of the novel itself.

P: I write novels because what I want to communicate can only be communicated in novel form.

C: I cannot summarize my novel for you in a way that would tell you what I am trying to communicate with this novel.

Wow, this novelist is annoying. :)

All right, now let's look at answer choice (D):

P: The experience of being in a 3D landscape can only be conveyed in a 3D representation of that landscape.

P: A photo taken with a traditional camera is not 3D.

C: Therefore, a photo taken with a traditional camera can never convey the experience of being in a landscape.

Both arguments take as their points of departure a premise that only one medium (a novel; a 3D representation) can convey a certain experience (that which the novelist wishes to communicate; the experience of being in a 3D landscape). Both arguments conclude that an alternative medium (a summary of a novel; a traditional photograph) categorically cannot convey the experience in question.

Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

on October 25, 2019

I know this is not helpful, but it gave me a chuckle. I chose D b/c it was the most pedantic and pompous answer choice, much like the reasoning of the novelist in the stimulus. Just tell the journalist something about your damn novel!

Yolie on May 31, 2020

@Mehran, I prefer your explanation for it is more understandable. I've been trying to diagram the stimulus and the answer choices and that's what I got
S -> ~ N
WIWtC -> N
(N -> ~S)
WIWtC -> ~S

And D)

EBC -> 3D
PTC -> ~3D
(~3D -> ~EBC)

Or is it all kinds of wrong and way over complicates things since it might take away the previous time we are given per question?