Which one of the following most accurately describes the organization of the material presented in the passage?

Shememories on December 10, 2013


Why is C incorrect?

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Naz on December 16, 2013

Answer choice (C) is incorrect because it does not most accurately describe the organization of the material presented in the passage. We do not begin the passage with a history of a certain code of conduct. We are told what the Hippocratic oath is, and what its purpose is. This is more in line with answer choice (E)'s "The tradition surrounding a certain code of conduct is discussed." Though the beginning then follows with criticism of the code, it is not necessarily ENDORSED. It seems more that the passage is merely discussing the criticisms rather than endorsing them. Note the language used: "they say," (14), "some critics believe," (21-22), "the oath is also faulted for," (24), and "Some respected opponents even cite," (28). It doesn't come out and endorse the criticisms of others, merely it describes the criticisms of others. And lastly, the code is not "modified as a result." A suggestion is made at the end: "to fulfill that need, the core value of beneficence...SHOULD be retained, with adaptations at the oath's periphery by some combination of revision, supplementation, and modern interpretation," (47-52). Thus, the code is not modified, merely the passage suggests that it SHOULD be modified to have a modern interpretation. The passage continues to say that, in fact, there ALREADY is a tradition of reinterpretation of the "traditional wording," (52-54).

Hope that was helpful! Let us know if you have any other questions!