Trust, which cannot be sustained in the absence of mutual respect, is essential to any long–lasting relationship, per...

Shememories on December 10, 2013


How do you approach or diagram this question?

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Naz on December 16, 2013

The stimulus tells us that trust cannot be sustained without mutual respect. This means that mutual respect is necessary for trust.

T ==> MR
not MR ==> not T

We also know that trust is essential to any long-lasting relationship, personal or professional.

Pe = personal relationship
Pr = professional relationship

Pe or Pr ==> T
not T ==> not Pe & not Pr

We know that a personal relationship also requires natural affinity.

Pe ==> NA
not NA ==> not Pe

And "if a personal relationship is to endure, it must be supported by the twin pillars of mutual respect and affinity."

PeE = personal relationship is to endure

PeE ==> MR & NA
not MR or not NA ==> not PeE

Answer choice (A) is the correct answer because it must be true. If a friendship, which is a personal relationship, is supported SOLELY by trust and mutual respect, then that means it is NOT supported by natural affinity. Looking at the contrapositive of our last sufficient and necessary statement, we know:

not NA ==> not PeE

Therefore, a friendship supported solely by trust and mutual respect will not endure i.e. it will not be long-lasting.

Hope that was helpful! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

ishadoshi on September 4, 2019

Do you mean answer choice (E) is correct?