Wealth is not a good thing, for good things cause no harm at all, yet wealth is often harmful to people.Which one of ...

Batman on January 12, 2014

Need your help

Could you please show me how draw diagram of the reasoning method on the stimulus? I don't think this is not a sufficient and necessary condition. Then, how we can approach this kind of question? Many thanks,

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Mehran on January 20, 2014

Alright, we know that: "good things cause no harm at all,"

P1: GT ==> not H
H ==> not GT

So, since W can be harmful

P2: H

Using the contrapositive of P1, we can validly conclude that wealth is not a good thing.

C: not GT

This is a valid argument that is invoking the contrapositive of our general principle.

Answer choice (A) has a similar pattern of reasoning.

"No one in the chess club loves to golf."

P1: CC ==> not LG
LG ==> not CC

We know that Alex love to golf.

P2: LG

Using the contrapositive of P1, we can therefore, conclude that Alec is not in the chess club.

C: not CC

Hope that was helpful! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

NicoCapri on August 25, 2014

How is A more parallel than D? When I diagram i see D as being a better match than A