Curator: The decision to restore the cloak of the central figure in Veronese's painting from its present red to th...

Batman on June 12, 2014


Is this "must be true" question? Then, please explain why choice (e) is not the answer. Thanks,

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Naz on June 25, 2014

Yes, we are dealing with a Must Be True question. Our correct answer will be 100% supported by the passage.

Answer choice (C) is completely supported by the passage. The art critic points out that a copy of the Veronese painting, made right after the artist died, depicted the cloak as red. The critic points out that it would be unlikely that the copyist would make a material change to the painting right after the painter's death.

Thus, since shortly after Veronese's death, the copyist depicted the cloak as red, it is clear that at the time of Veronese's death, the cloak was red, as opposed to being changed to red. So, answer choice (C) is our answer: "The proposed restoration will fail to restore Veronese's painting to the appearance it had at the end of the artist's lifetime."

Answer choice (E), on the other hand, is never directly mentioned in the art critic's response or in the curator's. We are never given any information on Veronese's intent. Our correct answer must be 100% supported by the passage. Therefore, (E) is not correct.

Hope that helped! Let us know if you have any other questions.

Batman on July 2, 2014

Thanks a lot!!!^^