It can be inferred from the passage as a whole that the author's purpose in the third paragraph is primarily to

Batman on July 2, 2014


I picked (d) over (b). I still don't know why (d) can't be an answer and third paragraph is related with the coherency of LP school. Please, explain this. Thanks,

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Naz on July 7, 2014

We are asked to identify the purpose of the third paragraph in the passage as a whole.

The passage is concerned with the underemphasis of the London Pianoforte school in modern scholarly editions, and how Nicholas Temperley's new anthology helps remedy this deficiency.

The third paragraph discusses why the concept of "school" may not be completely applicable to the London Pianoforte school because the group was not unified by stylistic principles or aesthetic creed, but rather, they were unified through geographical circumstances. Thus, the third paragraph brings up the topic of how coherent (i.e. how much it is one unified whole) the London Pianoforte school is, which is exactly what answer choice (B) states.

Answer choice (D) is never discussed in the passage. The complex nature of musicological elements shared by members of the London Pianoforte school is never mentioned. We merely know, from the third paragraph, that the word "school" in "the London Pianoforte school" refers to the "geographical circumstances that they worked at various times in London and produced pianos and piano music for English pianos and English markets." The "musicological elements" of the school are never mentioned.

Hope that was helpful! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Batman on July 8, 2014

Thanks a lot!!!^^