Which one of the following is most analogous to the literary achievements that the author attributes to Dove?

AglaPkns on July 25, 2014


Where in the passage is the answer?

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Naz on July 31, 2014

The third paragraph of the passage explains that there are signs of some writers crossing the boundaries between fiction and poetry. This paragraph introduces Rita Dove as one of those writers.

The paragraph traces back her ease of crossing between the two forms of writing due to her background, "She also studied for some time in Germany, where, she observes, "Poets write plays, novelists compose libretti, playwrights write novels . . . they would not understand our restrictiveness,' (32-36)."

Answer choice (D) states: "A choreographer defies convention and choreographs dances that combine elements of both ballet and jazz dance."

Just as Dove defies the "deep rift between poetry and fiction in the United States," (1-2), (21-36), answer choice (D) introduces an example of a professional who is crossing between realms present in her work: a choreographer combining ballet and jazz.

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