If T is performed fifth and F is performed sixth, then S must be performed either

MGN2014 on August 7, 2014

At least terminology

I keep getting tripped up with the "at least" phrase that throws me off. Because I selected C because I was thinking that R could be placed in 2 or 3 and S could be in 3 or 4. How should I look at these so that I can avoid these mistakes?

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Mehran on August 16, 2014

Thanks for your message. The video explanation for this question is now live inside of LSATMax.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Elizabeth25 on September 29 at 03:19AM

sorry but where exactly is the video explanation, its not coming out on the top of the section where it normally is.

Elizabeth25 on September 29 at 03:55AM

nvm i see it.