Which one of the following could be true about the organizer's selection of works?

Gilbert on August 7, 2014

Rule #3

Can you explain the rule #3 "At least as many French novels....." I believe my misinterpretation or rather confusion of this rule is what caused me to do so horribly on this game.

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Melody on August 12, 2014

This rule states: "At least as many French novels as Russian novels are selected."

This means there are either an equal number of French and Russian novels, or there are more French novels than Russian novels. We will never have more Russian novels than French novels, because we will always have at least as many French novels as Russian ones. Think of the rule as the following: French novels are greater than or equal to Russian novels.

Does that clear things up? How did you interpret it?

Gilbert on August 18, 2014

Yes thank you so much! I initially thought that but then I began to think the exact opposite where French novels were dependent upon the number of Russian novels.