If Freedom makes a voyage to Trinidad in week 5, which one of the following could be true?

Asnodgrass on August 11, 2014

Confused by wording of rule four

Hi there, I was slightly confused by the wording of rule 4. I thought that G preceding J meant that G has to come before J but not directly before J. I assumed that for G to come directly before J the rule would have to state that G immediately precedes J, but I may be mistaken. Does " X precedes Y" always imply that X comes immediately before Y? Thank you! Annaliese

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Naz on August 13, 2014

Rule #4 states: "Guadeloupe will be its destination in the week preceding any voyage it makes to Jamaica."

So, G is the destination in "the week before" a destination to J.

Make sure to note the usage of the article "the." If the rule were to have said: G will be its destination in A week preceding any voyage it makes to J, then it'd be true that G is just somewhere before J. However, the article "the" is being used specifically. Meaning that G will be in THE week before J, i.e. the week immediately preceding J.

So, this is not the exact same as "X precedes Y."

"X precedes Y" is diagrammed X > Y, because all we know is that "X" is somewhere before "Y."

However, "X precedes the week before Y" does mean that X comes immediately before Y. It is diagrammed "XY" (with a box around the "XY.")

Hope that clears things up! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Asnodgrass on September 20, 2014

Yes that helps! Thank you!

itatimedrano123 on September 29, 2018