Poor writers often express mundane ideas with elaborate syntax and esoteric vocabulary. Inattentive readers may be im...

Lily on May 25, 2013

Poor writers -argument completion

Poor writers: ordinary ideas but complex writing style (syntax and vocab) Attentive catch them .... Inattentive don't :. Good principle for writers: is to do the opposite of what poor writers do!!! Complex idea but ordinary writing style ? Correct?

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Mehran on May 25, 2013

Hey Lily,
Thanks for your message. The problem with answer (A) is that it is too broad. The first sentence of the stimulus deals with poor writers expressing mundane ideas with elaborate syntax and esoteric vocabulary. We have no idea what this writer's opinion would be if the writer was not expressing mundane ideas.
As such, (D) would be the correct answer because it is only dealing with the situation encountered in the stimulus - i.e. complex writing expressing mundane ideas.
Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.

Lucas on January 21, 2020

I almost went with A, but then thought to myself that just because the style is simpler, doesn't necessarily mean that one's writing will be better. where D fits better because it's saying should (not (absolute)-logical force-but not must. I found that A was more of a must(100%) answer choice, which helped get rid of this answer choice.