The primary purpose of the passage is to

Batman on October 4, 2014


My choices were narrowed down between (b) and (e). I do understand choice (b) is the answer. However, I still do not understand why (e) must be eliminated. Please, explain this. Thanks,

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Naz on October 8, 2014

The passage discusses the April 1990 protest of the Pico Korea Union of electronics workers in Buchon City in order to show what factors caused this specific protest to strengthen the Korean American community as a whole.

In putting this point forward, the passage notes that this specific protest was able to mobilize many young second-generation Korean Americans, "many of whom had never been part of a political campaign before, let alone one involving Korean issues, (13-17)."

Further, the protest not only rallied these second-generation Korean Americans for the first time, but it also "sparked among them new interest in their cultural identity, (22-23)."

The passage concludes its final paragraph with: "The Pico workers' campaign thus offers an important lesson, (51-52)," which clearly implies that this specific protest can be used as a learning tool, i.e. model, for other ethnic communities. The entire last paragraph points to the fact that other ethnic communities can use the same factors as the ones used in the Pico protest in order to strengthen their ethnic identity, (51-60).

This is why answer choice (B) is the correct answer. The passage describes a situation in the Korean American community, i.e. "the Pico protest," that presents a model for the empowerment of ethnic communities of immigrant derivation, i.e. rallying the second-generation Korean Americans for the first time and sparking in them a new interest in their culture.

Answer choice (E) states: "assess the impact of the unionization movement on ethnic communities of immigrant derivation."

The passage is not about the IMPACT of the unionization movement. It is about how other ethnic communities should use the Pico protest as a model to strengthen their community.

Hope that clears things up! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Batman on October 19, 2014

Many thanks!!!