Archaeologist: After the last ice age, groups of paleohumans left Siberia and crossed the Bering land bridge, which ...

Rachel on January 15, 2015


Why is the answer not B?

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Melody on January 15, 2015

The archaeologist's conclusion is: "This shows that, contrary to previous belief, the Clovis point was not invented in North America."

Why? We are told that after the last ice age, groups of paleohumans left Siberia and traveled over the Bering land bridge into North America. Archaeologists have discovered in Siberia a cache of Clovis points, which are stone spear points distinctively made by paleohumans.

We have been asked to choose the answer choice that strengthens the argument.

Answer choice (B) states: "The Bering land bridge disappeared before any of the Clovis points found to date were made."

This is irrelevant to the argument.

The paleohumans who traveled on the Bering land bridge before it disappeared could have invented the Clovis spear points in North America and then somehow returned with them to Siberia, e.g. by boat.

Therefore, answer choice (B) does not give us any information that would strengthen our conclusion that though we once believed Clovis points to have been invented in North America, they actually were not invented in North America.

The Bering land bridge having disappeared before any of the Clovis points were found to date has no effect on this argument. The conclusion could be true, but it could also not be.

Hope that clears thing sup! Please let us know if you have any other questions.