A Stress-Snacker’s Guide to LSAT Prep

One very important thing you should know about me is that I am a stress snacker and a foodie. Two things that may clash with one another come buckle down LSAT prep time. So one thing I did during my LSAT studying was look up what foods could really benefit my test taking snack anxiety and benefit my studying at the same time. We’re all about efficiency here aren’t we?”

Here are some habits I picked up that really seemed to boost my energy and stamina to inundate myself with LSAT practice tests and questions:”

1.    First and Foremost, Hydrate

This is a habit you should just carry on past your LSAT prep: drink water! Almost three-fourths of your brain is water. Water is not only great for your energy level, and complexion, but it’s essential for the smooth sailing functioning of your brain. When you are dehydrated after finishing 100+ LSAT questions, and have not had one single sip of that sweet H20, your brain releases the hormone cortisol, which shrinks the dendrites in your brain. Shrunken dendrites! Oh my! Dendrites are the branches in your brain that store information. Shrunken dendrites lead to decreased memory power, something you really don’t want while you study for the LSAT! Drink at least eight glasses a day. You can be creative and slice some fruit in your water to give it some flavor!

2.    Egg-cellent Memory

Now that we discussed what decreases your memory power, let’s talk about increasing it! Though you may have been a strictly egg white eater in your pre-LSAT taking days [oh the golden years], I’d recommend taking up that golden goodness for the next few LSAT prep months of your life. Egg yolks are rich in choline, a building block of brain cells that especially help improve memory. You can make a delicious devilled egg recipe, or hey, why not go fancy and make some custard or crème brulee! But really, the quick and easy way to go is a boiled egg. Boring? Possibly. Time wasting? Definitely not!

3.    Remember to Go Green…Tea That Is

Green and Black tea alike improve memory and mental fatigue. Green tea is rich in catechines, which simultaneously keep your wits sharp and your mind calm. Too good to be true? Steep up some green tea and give it a try!

4.    Nothing Makes You A Sage, Quite Like Sage

Research on sage has shown that it boost chemicals that help transmit messages to your brain. If there were a pony express to your mind, sage would be the Olympic-trained stallion that got those essential messages to it. How does one consume sage you might ask? Well, other than using it as an amazing herb, either dried or fresh, on different foods such as chicken, soups or even in your salad, you can buy sage as a supplement in the form of oil or tablets at your local health food market.

5.    Peanut Butter LSAT Time!

Lastly, I can’t stress enough the amazing brain-power-increasing quality of peanut butter. Peanut butter is rich in Vitamins E and B6, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and antioxidants. What does that mean? Not only does peanut butter make you more alert and energetic, it is regenerative for your brain and wait for it enhances your mood! So not only will you be studying better for that darned LSAT test, but you’ll also avoid becoming Eyeore while you prep!

I hope that was helpful. I will try and write out some of my favorite healthy snack recipes that I used a lot during my study time soon. Keep taking those practice LSAT tests and keep your chin up! I will be here with you along your LSAT preparation journey trying to make the ride as comfortable as I can!”

Happy studying!”

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