Comprehensive LSAT Prep on My iPhone?

We hear from students all the time, "I love your app, but how can I study for the LSAT on my iPhone?!?"

Given the screen size and that the LSAT is a pencil-and-paper exam, it's a valid concern.

The good news is that we designed LSATMax to ensure that ALL students, even those without tablets, have access to high-quality LSAT prep.

And here's how:

1. LSATMax Online

Our entire course, including our free content, can be accessed online, so you can watch our video lessons directly on your computer instead of on your iPhone.

2. Welcome Packet/Hardcopy Materials

We offer hardcopy binders of our course materials as well as the official LSAT Prep Tests (1-80). These hardcopy binders are included in our full course packages and can be added on to a monthly subscription.

For monthly students who choose not to add-on the hardcopy materials, you will have access to PDFs of all your course materials, so you can print these up and follow along paper/pencil.

You can download the PDFs for our free content on LSATMax Online.

3. Apple TV

This is optional but another way to deal with the smaller screen size of the iPhone.

Apple TV will stream our videos directly to your television, so you can stretch out on the couch and study at your pace.

Pause, rewind, fast forward . . . let's see you do that to an instructor in a classroom!

We recommend using the hardcopy materials because it is imperative that you simulate exam conditions as closely as possible.

But we also recommend that you come back to the LSATMax app and input the answers to any questions you take outside of the app.

This way you can still take full advantage of LSATMax's analytics that will track your progress and highlight your strengths and weaknesses.