6 Benefits of an LSAT Mastermind

Even though Napoleon Hill introduced the concept of a mastermind over 85 years ago in his book Think and Grow Rich, the idea of a “mastermind group” is still unfamiliar to most people. Mastermind groups harness the collective intelligence of everyone in the group to help members get through challenges in business and life.

Masterminds meet weekly, monthly, or even daily to tackle business, academic, or life challenges together. Applied to the LSAT, a mastermind group will include LSAT experts and students who are studying for the test. These students receive advice on how to study for and eventually master the LSAT; the experts receive feedback from the students and can thus hone their expertise. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. To join such a group as a student, you’ll likely have to pay. However, the benefits associated with an LSAT mastermind make it worth the investment, especially if you're serious about getting into law school. Here are six benefits of being in an LSAT mastermind group as a student.

1. Community

Many LSAT students are surprised to realize how grueling studying for the LSAT and applying to law school can be. Going through this process alone is not only psychologically draining but can also put you at a disadvantage. Membership in an LSAT mastermind will provide you with emotional and strategic support in this process. You can also help the other members as much as you get help from them, which can make you feel valued by close confidants at a time when many feel judged by unseen admissions offices.

2. Expert Advice

LSAT experts are invaluable resources in an LSAT mastermind. The best LSAT experts can explain the LSAT clearly and precisely and stimulate your mind, making the once overwhelming test material intelligible and accessible. Many LSAT experts also experienced how difficult the study process can be, so they can console and counsel you as you work to improve your LSAT score.

3. Collaboration

You may find someone in the group you mesh with well enough to work together studying one-on-one. Alternatively, you may find that you are the perfect person to help someone else in the group. This collaboration will help you get more done than you could alone.

4. Networking

Joining a mastermind can provide long-term benefits because you're already growing your network. You never know when a relationship could come in handy over the next few years while you're in law school and looking for a job. You may find a job opportunity that's not a good fit for you but immediately be able to pass it on to someone you know. Those connections you make in your mastermind may end up sending job leads and recommendations your way, too.

5. Diversity

Yes, everyone in your LSAT mastermind group shares the goal of acing the LSAT and getting into the law school of your dreams. But each member of your group will have taken a different path to that eventual goal. Everyone in your group will come from a different background and have different skills and expertise. A diverse LSAT mastermind will allow each member to learn more together than they could on their own. A member with a more mathematical mind might provide unique insight into Logic Games, while the humanities-inclined member can provide tips on effective reading habits for Reading Comp.

6. Accountability

When you join an LSAT mastermind, you will identify your goals and create a plan to reach those goals. Others in the group will hold you accountable. In turn, you will help keep others in the group accountable for reaching their goals and following their plan. This mutual responsibility will keep you all on track to realize your goals.

Join an LSAT Mastermind to Take Your Studying to the Next Level

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