Law School Interview Tip: Declining Law School Applications | LSATMax Prep

I know you've been seeing more and more in the news lately that law school applications have been on the decline. I’ve told you time and time again that is this a trend you shouldn’t fret, but rather, it’s a trend you should rejoice! So pick that Logical Reasoning section back up and pay attention. We’ve discussed how this trend in law school applications can help your chances of admissions as well as financial aid. But, one advantage we have yet to cover is the law school interview. Traditionally, most law schools don’t conduct interviews; your admission is based off of your law school application packet, alone. Personally, I was always downtrodden by this, since I feel I shine best in person. But, now, the smaller applicant pool has finally made law school interviewing not only possible, but an important aspect of the admissions process. Now with fewer students entering each 1L section, law schools want to make sure that they are creating a well-rounded, eclectic class compromised not only of students with high LSAT scores and GPA’s, but also with interesting stories and backgrounds. Huzza!

Harvard, Chicago and Georgetown all require interviews for admitted students. Northwestern allows interviews by request. More and more schools are being added to this list every day. The law school interview is a very new phenomenon, and there isn’t a lot of helpful advice or info out there for you. So, I thought I’d compile a quick list of helpful tidbits for you to go by.

  • Do Your Research

    Know the law school that is interviewing you. You want to convince the interviewer that their school is on the top of your list. Look up prominent professors and what they teach. What’s the school looking for in their incoming class and what programs do they seem proud of? Once you know these things you should be able to casually throw them into your conversation with the interviewer.

  • Have Your Answers Ready

    This advice may seem rote, but it’s important. Just like in a job interview, you should walk into the law school interview having your answers ready for whatever they may throw at you. Take some time and think on the answers you want to give to the questions they will probably ask you. Why do you want to go to place-school-name-here? How will you contribute to place-school-name-here? Why do you want to go to law school? What do you want to do with your J.D.?

  • Have Some Questions Ready for the Interviewer 

    Even if you really don’t have any questions, just make some up. It again shows your interest in the school and your inquisitive mind. Ask about student life or how involved the administration is with student activities.

  • Show Your Gratitude

    It’s one of the simplest things, but so many of my students always forget. Send a thank you email after the interview. It’s the polite thing to do, and it refreshes the interviewer’s memory of you. Each interviewer interviews tons of students. You want to really make your name and image stick.

Just wanted to give you more reasons to be excited about applying to law school. First thing’s first, keep up with that LSAT prep and get the score that’s right for you!

Happy Studying!