Good Luck on the September 2016 LSAT!


I just wanted to tell you all how proud I am of you. You've been working so hard and now is the time to relax. So, that means that today is your last day of studying. Put your materials away, go hang out with your loved ones and get a lot of rest. Tomorrow, you will conquer the June LSAT.

To help you navigate through the chaos, I have compiled a list of the things you MUST bring, should/can bring and CANNOT bring.

NOTE: Everything you bring to the testing center must be placed in a clear plastic ziplock bag (max size: 3.79 liters).

Practice Test
1. Admission ticket
This is the ticket you receive when you register for the LSAT. Print it out and have it handy. You only need to bring page 1 of the 5 page admission ticket. Make sure to sign your ticket at the test center. If it is not signed, a reporting hold will be placed on your file.
2. Identification
Bring a form of valid government-issued ID that has a recent and recognizable photo, e.g. passport book, driver's license, US military card, etc. You can check the LSAC website for a comprehensive list of all the IDs that you could bring.
3. Passport Photo
Bring a recent passport-type photograph (taken within the last six months) showing only your face and shoulders. It must be no larger than 2 x 2 inches (5 x 5 cm) and no smaller than 1 x 1 inch (3 x 3 cm). This must be a different photo than the one on your ID. Attach this photo to your admission ticket.
Message Boards
4. Pencils
Remember to bring at least a couple fully sharpened no.2 or HB wooden pencils that have good erasers–you CANNOT bring in a mechanical pencil.


1.  Wallet
2.  Keys
3.  An analog (non-digital) watch, e.g. the LSATMax Timer
4.  Medical or feminine hygiene products
5.  A highlighter
6.  Erasers without sleeves
7.  A non-mechanical pencil sharpener
8.  Tissues
9.  A beverage in a plastic container or juice box (20 oz./591 ml max size)
10.  A snack for the break (I always recommend a peanut butter and banana sandwich)


1.  Electronic timers of any kind
2.  Electronic cigarettes
3.  Fitness tracking devices
4.  Digital watches, alarm watches, beeping watches, calculator watches
5.  Cell phones, pay phones, beepers, pagers, personal digital assistants (PDAs)
6.  Personal computers
7.  Calculators
8.  Photographic or recording devices
9.  Listening devices
10.  Headsets, iPods, or other media players
11.  Books, dictionaries, papers of any kind
12.  Rulers
13.  Mechanical pencils
14.  Ink pens
15.  Briefcases, handbags, backpacks of any kind
16.  Earplugs
17.  Hats/hoods (except religious apparel) may not be worn on the head
18.  Weapons or firearms
I also always recommend printing out a few Logical Reasoning questions that you feel comfortable with and bringing them with you to the testing center. Complete these questions while you stand in line outside of the testing center to get your mind in the "LSAT groove." Make sure to throw them away before you head inside. This is a great way to kickstart your brain to be ready for the LSAT.

And lastly, remember to breathe, stay calm, and believe in yourself. Trust me, experience will tell you what to do. But, confidence will allow you to do it.

You got this! We believe in you!

Feel free to email or call (855.483.7862) us afterwards and let us know how it goes.