If you haven’t already been bombarded with emails about upcoming LSAC conferences, then you will soon. Though these conferences may seem tedious, I have to tell you, they are actually really helpful. Even if you already know exactly which schools you want to apply to, there are many advantages from going to these conferences.

  1. A Chance To Get Out Of The House
    You may scoff at this, but, you know it’s slowly going to get harder and harder for you to excuse outings away from your LSAT studying. Usually these conferences are at nice hotels in fancy parts of town and you can appease your guilty LSAT prep conscience, because the outing has to do with law school. So it’s technically productive! And even if you have already gotten your LSAT score, soon you’ll still be stuffed up in your room or law library racked with cases to read and memos to write. Take the chance now to get out of the house and stretch your legs.
  2. Free Food and Fancy Spread
    All the LSAC conferences I have gone to have had free food with very delicious spreads. We’re talking salmon filets, pasta carbonara and assorted fancy pastries. Did I mention it’s free and all you can eat? Enough said. Law school ain’t cheap, people!
  3. Possibility of Fee Waivers for Applications
    Okay, so really the huge benefit you can nab from going to these events are to shmooz the different law school reps. Then after you’ve wowed them with your personality and knowledge of their schools, you can slyly ask for a fee waiver. I got many fee waivers just by doing a little research about each school, striking up a conversation with the rep and showing how much I really wanted to go to their school. Add in: “I’m a student. I don’t have a lot of money..." yadda, yadda. Throw em’ some sad puppy eyes and you’re golden.
  4. It’s a Good Way To Talk To Reps and Whittle Down Your List
    If you’re like the majority of LSAT studiers, you don’t have a complete and accurate list of law schools that you want to apply to quite yet. There are a lot of really great law schools out there and not enough money to apply to all of them. Speaking with the different reps that come to the conferences can really, really help make or break your decision.

Okay, so if I haven’t said it enough, go to these conferences. They are a nice way to take a productive break from your LSAT prep-filled days. You can get a little dressed up, take a loved one and snag good food while deciding on a very important aspect of your future studying life. Now get back to those Logic Games!

Happy Studying!

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