Practice Makes Perfect

Consistent practice is key to reaching your target LSAT score. Your LSAT prep course, whatever that may be, only comprises a small percentage of what it takes to achieve the score you want. All an LSAT prep course can do for you is teach you the proper skills and techniques to use on the LSAT. The rest is up to you.

But, you don’t have to take our word for it.

The Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) recently released a study showing that—on average—second-time test takers have a higher LSAT score than first-time test takers. LSAC reported, “Test takers who repeated the LSAT gained an average of 2.8 points the second time they took the test.” The study shows that nearly 66 percent of students who took the LSAT again received a higher score on their second attempt. These test takers were not hand picked by LSAC. They were self-selected—the test takers chose to take the LSAT more than once themselves.

So, what happened between these test takers first LSAT and their second one? Their score clearly increased because they continued to prepare in the interim.  This study shows that the true key to increasing your score is more LAST prep—and the most efficient form of LSAT prep is practicing under time pressure on as many real practice LSATs as possible.

This is actually the reason why LSATMax offers lifetime access and support. It’s futile to think that a two month course will thoroughly prepare you to reach your target score. Most traditional in-class courses shut off access to course materials and instructors the moment the course is over. Furthermore, these classes usually do not leave students with enough time to practice on their own because in-class lectures end sometime around the week before the LSAT is administered. This is not enough time for most students.

At LSATMax, we understand the immense benefit of being able to extend your preparation time as long as you need. That’s why you can start studying from the moment you purchase your course and continue studying for as long as you’d like. Your access to your materials and instructors will never be cut off.

Always keep in mind how much time you will have to prepare with any given LSAT prep course. It’s true that you can always prepare on your own after your course cuts off your access, but why not go with a course that both teaches you all the techniques you need and stays with you until you’re ready to take the exam?

Happy Studying!