Disney Makes Everything Better

Many of you may be hitting that notorious LSAT prep wall, where you feel tired and stressed out from all your studies. I’m sure you’re all quite tired after weeks of relentless reading comprehension passages and practice exam taking. So, I thought I could help you calm your mind before you face another full practice exam and talk to you about something completely un-lsat prep related and innocuous: Disney.

What better to quell your anxiety than a lovable cartoon mouse and many heartwarming childhood memories? Today, let’s venture to the world of Disney park trivia, because who doesn’t love going to a Disney park?

  1. Disneyland 'Employs' Cats
    An inevitability of a theme park is having a lot of mice crawling everywhere picking up leftover snacks and sticky candy bits. To remedy this, Disney 'employs' hundreds of free-roaming spayed and neutered cats. Disney feeds them during the day and lets them roam the park grounds during the evening to eradicate the rodent problem.
  2. 33's the Secret Entrance
    At this point, most park goers know about this secret speakeasy in Disneyland Park, whose entrance is marked by a discreet number '33.' Club 33 is a private dinner club next to the Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square. Supposedly, there's an 18-year waiting list and a $10,000 initiation fee. Inside the club, celebrities and business VIPs have dinner and cocktails-the only place in Disneyland Park where alcohol is served.
  3. The Magic Kingdoms Presidents
    The Magic Kingdom has a Hall of Presidents were all the Presidents of the United States have statutes wearing clothes made utilizing the sartorial skills and techniques of his era, e.g. George Washington's clothes are all hand-stitched.
  4. No Beatles Love at Disney
    Walt Disney World is an infamous place for rock 'n roll fans. It's on the record that The Beatles officially broke up at Disney's Polynesian Resort while on vacation there on December 29th, 1974. John Lennon signed the papers in the resort that made their dissolution legal.
  5. Disneyland's Gas Lamps
     The gas lamps that line Disneyland's Main Street U.S.A. are actually 19th-century artifacts, not reproductions. The park actually employed costumed lamplighters who would light all the lamps at dusk. They are believed to have once originally illuminated the streets of Baltimore.

Fascinating, right? Hopefully that helped got your mind off of your impending day of LSAT hullabaloo. But, remember, this hard work will soon pay off. You’ve got this in the bag!

Happy Studying!