Pick Up A Drumstick

Okay LSAT prep friends, I know the LSAT is nigh, but I am going to dedicate this blog post to the importance of the holidays and taking a break from your LSAT prep for Thanksgiving. Spend some time with loved ones and eat yummy food! You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Naz, you’re crazy. There are only 10 days remaining until the December LSAT!” Yes, there are only 9 days remaining, however, one half-day of LSAT prep on Thanksgiving will not ruin any of your momentum. It will actually help give you a nice and well-deserved breather from your intensive studies.

Spending time with loved ones has a myriad of health benefits. Moreover, studies have shown that the holiday season as a whole is actually really beneficial for us. Let’s delve into this. Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful. Taking the time to express gratitude in one’s life has been known to help them generally feel better about their lives, and be more optimistic about the future. As it is Thanksgiving tomorrow, get with the holiday spirit and take a moment to give thanks with your family and friends. You might find that expressing your gratitude towards each other will actually have benefits that cross over to your LSAT world.

As your LSAT guide, let us take the lead; we are thankful for you...our amazing students! Thank you for believing in our vision that LSAT prep can be better, not to mention more affordable.

Segues are awkward. Next, cinnamon. We’ve talked about this before, but cinnamon is a spice that has amazing health benefits. And, lucky for you, tis the season for cinnamon. During Thanksgiving you may find this amazing spice in the stuffing, rubbed onto the turkey and even in the sweet potato casserole! Cinnamon can help lower your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar!

Thanksgiving means you sitting around a table with your family and friends. This often leads to reminiscing and happy memories. Harnessing memories is actually a great relaxation aid for the brain. It is similar to meditation. Clinical psychologists have found that thinking back to your past holidays and experiences relaxes the mind because mental imagery releases endorphins. Why not get a healthy boost of endorphins right before the LSAT approaches?

And let’s not forget the laughter that the holidays bring. Remember that old adage? Laughter is the best medicine. A hearty laugh can strengthen the immune system, reduce the risk of diseases ranging from heart conditions to allergic reactions.

So, what I am telling you, my LSAT savvy friends, is forgoing a few of those Logical Reasoning or Reading Comprehension sections for extra time with your family this Thanksgiving can actually be quite helpful. Hit your LSAT prep hard again on Friday, when you feel happier, fuller, and more relaxed.

Happy Studying and Happy Thanksgiving!

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