LSAT Prep Planning: Only Four Days Left!

We officially have four days until the next LSAT! Let's go over our plan of attack for the next few days. At this point, I know you are used to taking tons of practice LSATs and timed sections. But you need to slow down by the end of the week.

You should take your last full-length practice exam at least a few days before the exam. That means Wednesday should be the last possible day to take a full-length practice LSAT. As you know, once in a while, you'll get a fluke exam that doesn't reflect your capabilities. The bad score could be due to an off day or some unconscious distraction. You don't want to accidentally take that "off-exam" the day before your LSAT, right? Of course not! You'll freak yourself out! Take your last practice LSAT a few days before the test. Score and review it. Then do individual sections under time pressure or get some untimed practice on the remaining days before the exam.

Additionally, now is not the time to dwell on the negative. Throughout most of your study process, you have focused on improving your weakest sections. But, as the test date approaches, you want to focus on your strengths. It takes longer to hone your weaknesses than to hone your strengths. But, at this late stage, you will gain more from focusing on your best sections. You'll be able to quickly fine-tune the parts of the LSAT that you find more approachable, earning some last-minute points. The same, unfortunately, can't be said about the areas you find less intuitive. Plus, focusing on the parts of the test you find easier will improve your confidence leading up to your test day, which can have a meaningful effect on your final score.

Further, you'll want to prioritize your wellness in these last few days. Eat healthfully, exercise reasonably, and tend to your mental health. A small glitch one day can catch up with you a few days later (we've discussed how important getting enough sleep is, as well). So avoid situations that might get you sick!

Lastly — and this might be the most important and the hardest for you to actually do — on the last day before the exam, DO NOT STUDY! Yes, you read that correctly. Do NOT study. You know, as well as I do, that one extra day of studying will not change much. But, one extra day of relaxation the day before the exam can help you clear your mind and nerves.

Remember how hard you've been working these last few months. Your LSAT prep will pay off in a few days! Best of luck!

Happy studying!