LSAT Prep Test 73 September 2014 LSAT: Game 2 Explanation

For our LSAT prep today, we will go over the second game adds upon the simple linear game we encountered in our previous game and adds an extra variable to it. Thus, we encounter a Multi-Linear Game where we must place the order speakers in both the Gold Room and the Rose Room.

We have three rules that are all Sufficient & Necessary conditionals. The first rule gives us a lot of info by saying that M’s speech is not only earlier than L’s but it is also in the same room.

The second rule tells us that Z’s speech is either at the same time or earlier than X’s and Y’s.

The third rule tells us that if L’s speech is in the Gold Room, then X and Z’s speech is in the Rose Room.

For those of you who are dismayed by Multi-Linear Games, there’s nothing to fret about. This is a very simple game. Write out your three questions and determine the deductions.

So, the magic words: deductions. Where do we find the deductions?

Well, we know from rule number one that since L has a variable before it, L’s speech cannot be first. Likewise, since M has a variable after it, M’s speech cannot be the last.

The second rule tells us that Z’s speech cannot be last since Z has two variables after it or one variable at the same time and one variable after it. Now, it’s important to note that we cannot deduce that X and Y cannot be first. Remember that Z COULD be at the same time as one of them, meaning X or Y could technically be first. Don’t let the possibility of the speeches being at the same time trick you!

The third rule merely makes note either X and Z or L or all three will always be in the Rose Room

So there’s a really cool deduction you can make here by trying to place where M and L are going to go. Remember that you always want to focus on the most restricted rules and rule number one is most definitely the most restricted rule we have.

Alright, so we know that we will have a 3pm slot either in the Gold Room or in the Rose Room. Clearly we must try out both. You’ll see that ultimately we will have four options because we need to try out both 3pm in Gold Room with M and L in the Gold Room and then M and L not in the Gold Room, and we need to try out both options with 3pm in Rose Room with M and L in the Rose Room and M and L not in the Rose Room.

This results in four options that may take a little extra time to write out, but will ultimately save us a ton of time as we zoom through the questions.

Hopefully you found this game to be delightful! Once you’re done, review your work with our full video explanation of the entire game setup below: