LSAT Prep Test 73 September 2014 LSAT: Game 4 Explanation

For our LSAT prep today, we will go over another logic game from LSAT Test 73. We end our Logic Games section with another Grouping Game. Here we are taxed with grouping five kinds of flowers into three different kinds of bouquets.

Our first rule is very simple, telling us that bouquet 1 and bouquet 3 have no flowers in common.

Rule number two is similar in that it tells us that bouquet 2 and bouquet 3 have exactly two kinds of flowers in common.

Rule number three is very straightforward, telling us that bouquet 3 must have snapdragons. Remember to combine this with rule number one, which tells us that bouquet one and three will not have any flowers in common. So, that means that bouquet one will not have any snapdragons.

Rule number four is a Sufficient & Necessary conditional that helps us determine from its contrapositive that since S is in a bouquet, then that bouquet will not have L, meaning bouquet 3 will not have any L.

Rule number five is another Sufficient & Necessary conditional telling us that if a bouquet has tulips, it will also have peonies.

This Grouping Game is very easy and will not yield any more deductions than S not being in bouquet one and L not being in bouquet 3. Work through the game and allow scenarios and conditionals in the questions to lead you through it.

Hopefully you find this game pretty simple! Once you’re done make sure to watch the video below for a great review of the full game setup: