One of My Favorite Law School TV Characters

As you may well know, my lovely LSAT studiers, TV shows nowadays are chock full of TV lawyers. I thought, since it is somewhat germane to our endeavors [I use the word germane very loosely here], and since you’re probably a little stressed, what with the October test only a few days away, it’d be fun to do little character profile of my favorite lawyer/legal character out in TV-land right now.

I would have to choose Marshall Eriksen. Marshall Eriksen is one of the main characters on the TV-show How I Met Your Mother. He is the lovable law student who, during the course of the show, finishes law school, studies for the bar exam and becomes a full-fledged lawyer.

Marshall is really easy-going and sweet. He was born in St. Cloud, Minnesota and is most well known for his gargantuan stature. He is played by Jason Segel, who happens to be one of my TV crushes. The following Marshall Eriksen nicknames will give you a good idea of what he’s like: Marshmallow, Big Fudge, Vanilla Thunder, Beercules, and The Kid. He is married to the quirky kindergarten teacher, Lily Aldrin. She was his very first girlfriend, and they began dating freshmen year of college at Wesleyan University. We know he must’ve used LSATMax and done very well on the LSAT because he then attended Columbia Law School. Marshall decided to study law so that he could protect the environment.

One of the things I love about Marshall is his staunch belief in the paranormal. He believes in the Sasquatch and has a deep love for the Loch Ness Monster. He has also been known to believe in the existence of aliens.

I’d recommend YoutTube-ing Marshall whenever you are on a break and seeing is “quippy” songs about law school and life. Marshall Eriksen is a TV lawyer you LSAT preppers can use as a role model. He is studious, but enjoys life. He is seen on the show foregoing parties to study, and, yet, taking breaks and going down to the bar beneath his apartment building to drink a beer with his friends.

Overall, I’d recommend the show. It is really cute and reminiscent of the NBC hit, Friends. Though, I would have to say, being a dogmatic Friends fan, nothing is as good as that golden classic of a comedy sitcom. The characters in How I Met Your Mother are really silly and sweet. It’s a show that will definitely put a smile on your face.

Anyway, Marshall Eriksen is by far my favorite TV lawyer. It may be that I am biased and have a big crush on Jason Segel (I mean, how could you not have a crush on Jason Segel? He is sweet, smart, goofy and funny!), but I think it also has to do with the fact that he is one cool law student/attorney.

Now back to that LSAT prep!

Happy Studying!

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