So we’ve talked before about distractions and keeping yourself away from them as efficiently as possible during your LSAT prep. However, I have confessed that I have wasted valuable LSAT prep time through wasteful distractions. Through the many months I spent reading Logical Reasoning prompts and drawing Logic Games setups, there were also wasteful hours I spent either catching up on Breaking Bad, or reorganizing my Pinterest boards. Yes, I am ashamed. But, I want to be honest.

Now, let’s think of a way that you can give yourself a bit of time for distraction that is, at least, a tad bit productive, rather than destructive. Yes?

  1. Exercise
    I know, I’ve said this many, many times, but I can’t tell you how good exercise is for you. It keeps your mind and body healthy, gives you extra energy, and boosts your mood! If you want to do something that isn’t studying, try exercising.
  2. Sleep
    Again, I’m not trying to beat a dead horse, but sleeping is another TOP productive distraction that though may not be as wonderful for your score as studying for the LSAT, is very close to it. Sleep is something that is necessary on your path towards a high LSAT score.
  3.  Cleaning
    This way, at least when you are done, you can re-visit your Logic Games section in a tidy room/home/apartment.
  4. Cook/Bake
    Even if you don’t end up eating it, you can create something for the people around you whom you may have been short with due to the anxiety or nerves that come with taking the LSAT. Also, the routine-ness and repetitiveness of cooking/baking is calming and can help soothe what nerves you may have over LSAT prep.
  5. Read a Book
    I know a lot of you English majors or just literature lovers out there are “jonesing” for a paragraph that is not found in a Reading Comprehension passage. Grab a book off of your now dusty fiction shelf, and give yourself a chapter or two to unwind.

Now, yes, you could distract yourself from LSAT prep with a new episode of Mad Men, or God please forbid one of the many excruciating Real Housewives franchises, but why not, instead, be a tad bit productive in your wastefulness, right? Right!

Happy Studying!

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