The Best LSAT Prep Courses in Atlanta

Atlanta has embedded itself on the cultural map through its musical heritage (having produced stars like John Mayer, Ludacris and Usher), sports teams (the Falcons, Hawks and Braves, among others), and of course, its staple Southern hospitality. However, it’s not all fun and games in Georgia’s capital — in fact, people living in Atlanta are made to put up with an inordinate volume of crime. The crime rate in Atlanta is 58 per 1,000 residents, giving it one of the country’s highest crime rates. Atlanta citizens have a one in 17 chance of becoming a victim of either property or violent crime. Given the risk people in Atlanta face on a daily basis, it’s important for the city’s streets to be kept as clean as possible by its dedicated workforce of lawyers.

Lawyers in Atlanta earn an average base pay of $97,689 per year, making them well-compensated for their efforts. Of course, it’s important for lawyers to be justly paid for the work they do, since their profession is among the most challenging ones out there. Practicing law is no simple feat, to say the least — every case that lands on a lawyer’s desk must be granted its due consideration. Aside from a solid work ethic and a keen wit, lawyers must also come equipped with extensive knowledge on the law in all its labyrinthine branches.

The path to becoming a lawyer is famously difficult, and the LSAT serves as a major checkpoint along the way. Given that this exam is an important factor in the decisions made by law school admissions departments, doing well is crucial for prospective law students. If you’re planning to take on the LSAT, there are several prep courses that are out there to help maximize your chances of success. However, not all these programs offer the same amount of value, and browsing through the extensive list of potential candidates is a task in itself. In order to save you some time, we’ve put together this list of the best online and in-person LSAT prep courses in Atlanta. With over ten years of experience in this sector, we know what comprises a good prep class and only recommend those that contain the following:

  • Real LSAT questions and tests (Prep Tests) from previous years
  • Detailed video explanations of every question type  and concept
  • Flexible pricing to accommodate any budget
  • Some sort of support system and materials to use during and after the class

Online vs In-Person LSAT Classes

The primary decision you’ll have to make when choosing an LSAT prep course is whether you prefer taking it in a classroom or online. Every student has their own optimal learning style, so no single format is suited for everyone. When taking an in-person LSAT prep course, you get the benefit of studying under the guidance of an instructor who’s right there in the room with you. There’s also the added advantage of learning alongside prospective law students, which can be a valuable asset if you prefer learning in a more social environment. However, there are two main drawbacks associated with the in-person format. For one, it requires you to commute to the classroom on a regular basis, which isn’t feasible if your schedule is crammed with work and personal obligations aside from your course load. Also, an in-person LSAT prep course is much more expensive than the online alternative, so only students with wiggle room in their budgets will be able to afford it.

Conversely, online LSAT prep courses are flexible and affordable while offering valuable study tools to prospective law students. If you’re a more independent learner, this format is definitely the way to go. With an online course, all critical materials are available on demand. This allows you to form your own study plan that’s optimized to go along with your schedule. You can schedule your study sessions at home, eliminating the need to commute to a classroom. If any important questions come up (as they’re sure to), you’ll receive prompt answers by experienced LSAT instructors through the online program’s comprehensive support system. Online courses also mirror the modern, digital administration of the LSAT, which is now taken on a tablet. All these advantages come at a much lower cost than in-person courses, making the online option a solid pick for independent learners.

If you’d like to read some additional input on the advantages of online learning, check out this article on the case against in-class LSAT prep courses.

Pros of an Online Course

Pros of an In-Person Course

Total freedom to schedule your LSAT prep at your own pace Instructors provide on-hand guidance to help keep you on the right path
Test materials and other valuable resources are available at any time Opportunity to meet and interact with fellow prospective law students
Much less expensive than in-person courses Classroom environment conducive to learning
Personalized study plan to help you tackle problem areas  
Simulates real LSAT which is taken digitally on a tablet  

The Best Online LSAT Prep Courses in Atlanta

LSATMax LSAT Prep Course

Your secret weapon for getting accepted to the law school of your choice, the LSATMax online LSAT prep course from TestMax, is guaranteed to raise your scores. For a reasonable one-time fee, you’ll get instant access to a huge arsenal of tools to help you prepare for the exam on your own time. With countless five-star reviews across TrustPilot, Google Play, and the Apple App Store, LSATMax is clearly the best online LSAT course available.

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What makes LSATMax the best online prep course for any pre-law student looking to max out their LSAT scores? First, because it’s available on both web and mobile, you will be able to access your course materials at any time. Next, unlike many online courses that use practice questions written by so-called experts, LSATMax only uses actual questions that have appeared on the LSAT. Your membership gives you access to up to 9,000 questions.

There are three LSATMax course packages available. All three contain the full LSATMax course catalog with over 100 hours of video from instructors who have all scored in the 99th percentile on the LSAT themselves. You’ll also have opportunities to get personalized help from our instructors via real-time chat, message boards and scheduled office hours Q&A sessions. All students can also access their sample questions using LSATMax’s digital LSAT simulator for an authentic experience that replicates and gets you ready for the real LSAT.

Course Packages Available:

All LSATMax packages contain the full course catalog and a subscription to LSAT Prep Plus which gets you access to every LSAT practice exam available from the LSAC. You can choose between 3 flexible packages that give you access for the length of time you need to study for the LSAT.
  • LSATMax 60: This package gives you 60-day access to the full LSATMax course. It is great for students who have a shorter amount of time to study before their exam or who only need to raise their score a few points.
  • LSATMax 180: This 180 day access package is designed to fit the needs of most students by giving access to the course for longer than the average time spent studying for the exam.
  • LSATMax 365: This package is the best value for those who have a longer time frame to study for the exam or need to raise their score as much as possible.

No matter which package you choose, TestMax offers 0% financing for up to a full year through Affirm. Remember, the earlier you begin preparing for the LSAT, the higher your scores will be.


  • Get instant access to flexible packages and pricing
  • Guaranteed to boost your LSAT score or your money back
  • Interactive instruction with real LSAT experts
  • Digital LSAT simulator for 100% realistic test experience

The Princeton Review LSAT Prep 165+

The only online LSAT Prep course that claims to guarantee a specific score, the Princeton Review has a course called 165+ that promises a score of 165 or higher on your next LSAT test attempt after completing the course. This may seem hard to believe at first, and upon looking into it further, you will find that it only applies to students who have scored higher than 158 on a previous official LSAT test or on the first required practice test. While this can still be useful to improve your scores the second time around, it’s nowhere near as impressive as it sounds.


  • Over 80 hours of video instruction by LSAT experts
  • Online drills with explanations


  • Misleading score guarantee
  • Very expensive

Alpha Score LSAT Prep

One of the few options for basic, affordable LSAT prep, Alpha Score offers a good selection of study materials for a reasonable price. There are over 50 hours of video lessons from instructors, each with at least 5 years of experience teaching LSAT prep courses. There is no live content, but you are able to ask questions to your instructor via messaging on the member’s area of the website. Membership to the Alpha Score LSAT prep course lasts for 12 months before you need to renew to keep access.


  • 50+ online lessons and tutorials
  • Reasonably priced
  • Long-lasting access


  • Only 10 official LSAT-licensed practice tests included
  • No live instruction is available

The Best In-Person LSAT Prep Courses in Atlanta

Kaplan, Inc.

Address: GA Tech Kaplan Center, 350 Ferst Drive NW, Atlanta, GA 30332
Phone: 1-800-527-8378
A prominent figure in the learning sector, Kaplan offers prospective law students a comprehensive program. This includes 28 hours of live instruction and access to their industry exclusive LSAT Channel. With over 80 real past LSATs to practice on, you’re sure to enter the actual exam with a helpful sense of familiarity. Kaplan’s in-person LSAT prep courses are held in several venues across the state, including two locations in Atlanta.

Manhattan Review

Address: Atlanta Teaching Center at Georgia Tech Hotel, 800 Spring Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30308
Phone: 1-800-246-4600
Manhattan Review understands the importance that law school admissions departments place on the LSAT, so they’ve built their program around helping students reach their testing goals. By studying with Manhattan Review, you’ll be provided with elite professional tools and resources. You can find their venue in the Atlanta Teaching Center at Georgia Tech Hotel.

Test Masters

Address: The Georgian Terrace Hotel, 659 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30308
Phone: 1-800-696-5728
Test Masters offer one of the most comprehensive LSAT programs in the industry, comprising 60 hours of in-class instruction and 20 full-length, five-section practice LSATs. Their course is given by instructors who have scored in the 98th percentile or higher on an official LSAT. Keep their counsel in mind as you apply yourself fully to the program, and you’re sure to maximize your chances of achieving a high score. Test Masters holds their LSAT course at the The Georgian Terrace Hotel.

Manhattan Elite Prep

Address: Hilton Atlanta, 255 Courtland Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone: 1-646-873-6656
Manhattan Elite Prep has an all-star cast of instructors which includes former admissions committee members at Ivy League universities. They’ve built a solid reputation in the industry throughout their 10 years of experience helping prospective law students achieve success on the LSAT. You can find their course at the Hilton Atlanta.

The Princeton Review

Address: The Princeton Review, 2250 North Druid Hills Rd, Suite 130, Atlanta, GA 30329
Phone: 1-800-273-8439
The Princeton Review offers a comprehensive program that’s proven to achieve results. Their mission is to offer LSAT prep courses that are designed to meet prospective law students’ specific needs and schedules. The Princeton Review has a number of course options and venues available, so you can visit their webpage for more details.

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