Now that we are rounding our last few bends before the October exam, I’d like to try and calm your fatigued and stressed-out minds. So, I want you to take a moment, lean back in that chair and let your mind soften for the next few moments as we go over some interesting distractions I’ve meticulously combed the internet to find just for you. As I scoured the inter-webs to see how I could simultaneously keep you intrigued and yet give your minds a quick LSAT prep break, I stumbled upon a list of foods that are currently banned in the United States, but completely legal in others. If you have had one of these items then you either weren’t in the United States when you were consuming it or you were doing something illegal.

Now, just to note, this is not a complete and accurate list. See what I did there?

  1. Absinthe
    You may be scratching your head thinking, okay so that green bottle from last night’s party that Sven brought over from the BevMo across the street was illegal?!? First off, probably not, especially if Sven bought it from a BevMo. Second, shame on you for going out and partying when you could have been at home practicing your Logic Games. The Absinthe sold in the United States has a very small amount of wormwood. The real stuff is chock full of it, and wormwood makes you hallucinate.
  2. Pig’s Blood Cake
    Yes, pig’s blood cake. Kinda glad it’s banned right? Well don’t be so judgmental. I hear it can be pretty tasty! It is a Taiwanese delicacy made of a mixture of pig’s blood and rice that has been fried on a stick.
  3. Sassafras oil
    Sassafras oil used to be the flavoring for root beer, but it was banned because studies showed that it caused cancer in lab rats. Yikes!
  4. Haggis
    Okay so I recently had a stint in London, and couldn’t bring myself to try this. But, try not too judge me too harshly. I had just gotten over a pretty nasty illness caused by a questionable serving of bangers and mash, and really didn’t want to try again with British food for a while. Though, haggis is actually a Scottish dish, so maybe I’ll try it next time I’m in Scotland! Haggis is sheep offal, including lungs, heart and liver, that has been cooked in a sheep’s stomach. Now the reason haggis has been banned is because of the sheep lung. I hear you can find haggis in the United States sans sheep lungs. But, really, without the lung…what’s the point?
  5. Fugu
    This is the mostly-poisonous Japanese puffer fish. They sell fugu in sushi restaurants and drizzle the poison of the fish on it so that when you eat it your mouth is numb for a few seconds. It’s supposed to be a very amazing feeling that lets you momentarily flirt with death.
  6. Kinder Eggs
    I have actually had these. They sell them in Iran. They are a German candy with a chocolate shell and a hollow center containing a toy inside. I think it’s considered a choking hazard here, and that is why they are banned. They’re really quite fun, though. As long as you’re careful.
  7. Pommac
    Okay so this is a soft drink manufactured by Dr. Pepper that is supposedly champagne flavored. I guess the sweetener was banned in the United States and that was that.

Alright, I think that’s distraction enough. Don’t you feel a bit satisfied now that I can bring you a nice packaged slice of distraction so you don’t have to waste time and search for it? Now get back to that practice LSAT of yours!

Happy Studying!

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