For those of you drowning in LSAT prep, thinking there's no light at the end of the tunnel, think again! Remember oh so long ago when you went to a fancy evening on a boat or in a hotel ballroom where you dressed up and danced the night away with your high school friends? Sound familiar? Prom night. Well, if those two words induced a nostalgic sigh then you really do have something to look forward to for the next three years. Law School Prom, known to many as Barrister's Ball is a fun, debauchery-filled break from the stress and ardor of law school. Since I'm a big fan of debauchery and study breaks, I thought it was important for me to share some knowledge with you all on what I think the big "no-no's" of Barrister's are in hopes that you will not commit these egregious acts.

  1. It's not your party, so you can't cry even if you want to.
    I don't care how many drinks you've had, or whether your legal writing partner is flirting with that 3L you have a crush on. No one respects the hot mess that cries when drunk.
  2. Don't puke…at least not in plain view
    Remember that you are not only taking a study break with your friends, but also with your future recommendation writers, job interviewers, and evaluators. The image of you blowin' chunks will be burned into their memories forever.
  3. PDA
    No one wants to see you play tonsil hockey with your Contracts tutor. Lets be honest, you don't want to see it either. Refer to the above explanation, and lets move on.
  4. Keep your clothes on
    You may be thinking, of course not, but you'd be surprised. Please refer to the above two explanations.

Barrister's Ball is fun. Lets keep it that way. I hope you now have at least one more thing to look forward to after the LSAT and on in the next three years of your law career!

Happy Studying!

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