LSAT Prep & Chocolate

As I’ve said before, I’m your quintessential study-snacker. If I didn’t regularly stress run while I was doing my LSAT prep, I would have gained many, many pounds due to my nervous eating habits. One of my all-time favorite snacks was chocolate. I’d sit with a large chocolate bar sitting beside my practice exams, and I’d nibble away as I turned page after page. My preference is dark, but I would never discriminate between chocolate types.

Now, what benefits could chocolate bestow on your LSAT prep? How do LSAT prep and candy correlate? Well, first of all, chocolate is not your ordinary candy. Many people lump chocolate into the general candy group. But, that is blasphemy! Can your average piece of candy optimize your score on the LSAT by not only keeping you energized, but also improving your mood and even your vision? Of course not!  Chocolate not only has caffeine, which will help your endurance while you plow through those Logical Reasoning questions, but also comes along with a myriad of health benefits.

Studies have shown that chocolate helps boost your mood. Eating chocolate releases endorphins in your brain, which in turn help you feel happier and less stressed about the LSAT. Starting to get interested? Not only does chocolate help your mood, but it also increases your blood flow throughout your whole body. The more efficient blood flow you have, the more oxygen your body is receiving. And what does oxygen help with? Your health and energy levels! Two things that are pretty important for an LSAT taking warrior like yourself.

Researches at the University of Reading conducted a study that showed, due to the increased blood flow, especially to the brain, chocolate may also increase blood flow to the retina, thereby boosting your vision. Better vision equals more efficiently reading long reading comprehension passages!

Now, not only does chocolate do all these things, but it has also been shown that chocolate helps improve heart health. Chocolate can lower blood pressure, LDL cholesterol (that’s the “bad” cholesterol), and one’s risk of heart disease! So not only will chocolate help your performance both while you prep for the LSAT and during the exam, but it will also help your health even after that golden day when you are done with this darned test!

I can’t tell you how many grumpy, sluggish days were salvaged by the miracle-working, magical powers of chocolate. My advice to you is to stock up on some chocolate bars, whatever your preference may be (though white chocolate is technically not chocolate and will not convey the same possible benefits.) Chocolate has been around since 1100 BC helping power people’s minds, souls and bodies. There’s definitely something to it!

Happy Studying!

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