Its Time To Focus - Three Days Left

Alright my LSAT prep friends, we are officially two days away from test day. Today, try to practice by taking timed sections. And remember, Friday should be a no-LSAT-prep-day, music to your tired ears.

I think it’s really important that we talk a little bit about how you feel. How you feel and what you believe is going to happen on Saturday is actually really, really important. Studies show that high self-confidence has a big impact on how well you actually perform on an exam. Something that really helped me was visualizing myself walking out of my testing center with a large grin on my face.

I want you to practice this the next two nights. Before you go to sleep, preferably at least seven hours before you plan on waking up, sit on top of your bed and close your eyes. Keep your breathing deep and steady. Visualize yourself taking the LSAT on Saturday. Visualize the passages and questions that you will face. Visualize yourself rocking the exam and walking out of the testing center knowing you scored your target score.

Remember the wise words of Shakespeare, “Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.” Don’t let your doubts and hesitations overtake you. Don’t let nerves and low-self confidence steal away the score that you have worked so hard for.

Another big thing I want to remind you of is to stay calm and cool-headed during the exam. When I took my exam, oh so long ago, I remember that at the end of my Logic Games section I realized I had skipped one of the rules.

I panicked.

Logic Games had always been my favorite section, and I would always finish with ample time. Just as always, I had finished this section with seven minutes to spare. However, when I realized I had skipped a rule, instead of utilizing my precious seven minutes to re-do the game, I panicked. I stared blankly at my page for a solid five minutes. It was only when I realized that I had two minutes left to save myself that I kicked into gear and re-did all but the last two questions. I ended up getting one of those questions I didn’t get to wrong. If I had just not panicked I wouldn’t have lost a prized point on such a silly thing. So, my logic-minded hopefuls, I recount this anecdote to you so that you can learn from my mistake.

If you find yourself, in the middle of the exam, having made an error, do not fret. Take a deep breath. Visualize yourself remedying it, and then do so. You’ve got this.

I have full faith and confidence in you.

Happy Studying!

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