LSAT Test Warnings: Winter Is Coming - Let the February Grind Begin!

Attention LSAT prep students: Winter is coming! I’m on a bit of a Game of Thrones withdrawal, so you’ll have to bear with me here. The February 2015 LSAT is upon us! I’ve always loved the idea of studying for the February exam. Winter, in my opinion, is one of the best times to study, save for the White Walkers. Thankfully, we don’t live in a George R. R. Martin created world. Seriously, I can’t wait for when Game of Thrones comes back in my life! Which means, the faster we get through winter, the faster I will get to see Khaleesi and her dragons. But, winter is a really great time for LSAT prep. It’s too cold to do anything outside, so you don’t feel bad that you’re wasting your day inside preparing for the LSAT. Starbucks cups are red, and cinnamon and eggnog flavors ribbon around you throughout your day! You get to look forward to all the wonderful and festive holidays, and to the beginning of a new year. And then, of course, we have February and your lovely LSAT Test!

So, we have a little over two months to prepare for the February 2015 LSAT.  A lot of students want to know how to begin this process. Sometimes it seems like the most daunting task at hand is just starting the process. With your LSAT prep, the more you practice, the easier and more second nature it will become to you.  If you haven’t taken a practice exam in a while (or ever), then that is your first plan of action. That way you can get yourself re-acquainted (or acquainted) with the exam. Don’t take timing for this first practice exam of your February grind too seriously. Remember, we want to first focus on the techniques. Timing will naturally follow. I’d recommend keeping note of how long each section takes you (that way you can come back to it later to gauge your progress), but not to obsess or fret over it. I promise as you master the techniques and skills, your endurance and timing will follow.

Once you grade your practice LSAT, the most important step is to review it. Really try and get a grasp of what areas are your weakest and which ones are your strongest. Don’t be too hard on yourself, as we are just at the beginning of our February grind. Once you’ve reviewed (remember, when you review, review both the questions you got correct and incorrect), it’s time to begin learning the concepts and techniques. If this isn’t your first time in the rodeo (meaning, if you’ve been studying for the exam and/or you took a previous LSAT and are trying again for a higher score), then start by going over the concepts from your weakest sections. A great part about LSATMax is that it’s constantly tracking your progress and providing you with detailed analytics of where you are with your prep. Not only will you know what sections are your strengths and weaknesses, but you will also know which specific question types in each section you do best and worst on.

For those of you who have just begun your LSAT journey, welcome. You should begin this expedition by taking the time to learn the skills and concepts tested in each section. Start with the lessons and techniques, and then practice. If you’re still deciding on which LSAT prep course to take, I’d recommend downloading LSATMax from the Apple App Store. It’s completely free to download and there are many free lessons and other resources, including daily drills, that will help you along the way. Still not sold? Shoot us an email ( and request a free trial of the entire LSATMax app!

Next, make a schedule for yourself, and be realistic. I’ve seen one too many students burn themselves out by making unrealistic, overachieving schedules that soon seem impossible for them to complete. The trick to making an un-daunting LSAT schedule is to factor in the things in your non-LSAT life that you cannot do without. Now, these things will be different for everyone. For some it will be time with loved ones, exercise and/or watching Game of Thrones reruns. For others it will be walks in the park, time at the beach, and/or re-reading the Game of Thrones series. Whatever it is, make a list of things you need to keep you sane. Sprinkle in time for all those things in your calendar. LSATMax actually has a really great and easy calendar tool that will help you not only keep track of your LSAT prep, but also your life in general.

Remember, you can get the score you want and have a semblance of a life while you do it. Don’t burn yourself out. The secret to a healthy and relatively happy LSAT student is balance. Make time for sleep, nutrition, exercise, loved ones, and/or whatever else you know you need…like possibly an epic tale about the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos at the end of a decade-long summer.

Once you’ve gone through all your techniques and lessons, the name of the game is practice. Don’t be discouraged by missteps along the way. Don’t worry. You got this. Your LSAT prep adventure is going to be very exciting, and I will be here with you every step of the way.

Remember what the crow said to Bran in his dream, “Every flight begins with a fall.”

Happy Studying and Happy February Grind!

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