The June LSAT is Complete! Now What?

Hurray for all you June LSAT takers who are now done! All that time you spent on your LSAT prep has paid off! Your summer can finally commence. You definitely deserve a nice break from anything law school-related. If you’re still dealing with finals, get into gear and study for those. If you’re done with school, then take the next month off! Travel! Adventure! Parasail! Once you get back and feel refreshed, you should start thinking about when you want to apply to law school. If your answer is Fall 2015, then you should get a start on those applications.

Try and get your personal statement(s) done as soon as you can so that you can send them to professors and advisors for feedback. Give yourself ample time to rewrite, edit and edit again. It’s true that the weight of your application will fall upon your LSAT score. But, depending on what school you are applying to, you will probably have similar scores to many applicants. What will set you apart is your unique voice and drive that will shine through your personal statement(s).

Next, you want to get your recommendations in order. Give your professors, employers, and other recommendation-writers as much time as possible to send in your recommendations. Professors, especially, are notorious for taking way too long to write recs. Don’t give them any excuses. Send out your recommendation packets before school starts, and give your “rec-writers” a deadline. Check in on them halfway through, just to “see if they need anything else from you.” And remember, appropriate etiquette dictates sending your recommendation writers a nice bottle of wine or a cheese basket as a gesture of gratitude. Don’t forget, one day you might need to reach out to these people for jobs or advice. Don’t burn your bridges.

Most importantly, remember that law schools work on a rolling admissions system. Once they start accepting applications, they begin to read applications in the order they are received and accept students right away. That means the earlier you send in your applications, the better chance you have to get the offers you want.

For now, it’s time for a nice bout of relaxation. Kick back and enjoy summer for a bit. Take your mind off of Logic Games and Logical Reasoning. You earned it!

And for those of you still preparing for the September LSAT, you’re only a couple months away. Get started on your LSAT prep now!

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Don’t worry, soon, you’ll be able to lean back and relax, as well!

Happy Studying!

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