I don’t know about you, but, I remember come a week before the LSAT, I’d wake up from the craziest dreams about the exam. I had a dream that I was wearing a big poofy pink prom dress to the exam room, and no one batted an eye. I had a dream where my proctor ended up being a clothed mule who crossed his legs and read a magazine during the entirety of the test. Yes, I swear that was an actual dream. I have had many, many odd dreams about and due to the LSAT. I’m assuming that you might be having a few of them yourself.”

SO, I decided, since the LSAT is around the corner, it’d be fun to list some of the most common things/objects/people/ideas that show up in people’s dreams and explain what they mean. Hope you enjoy this little distraction from your wonderful LSAT prep.”

(1) Falling

Apparently, falling in your dreams is a red flag that something in your life is rapidly going in the wrong direction. It could be anything from your finances, to vocational choices to relationships. Are you falling in your dream while you take the LSAT? Possibly you’re worried about your study technique?

(2) Being Chased

This is a very good indication that you are avoiding something in your life. I actually had a dream that I was running away from a life sized LSAT. It was very frightening. Think of the size of those paper cuts!

(3) Teeth Falling Out

Interestingly enough, dream experts have decided that, in your dreams, teeth are symbols of words. If your teeth are falling out in your dreams, then that means that you need to take a good look at what you’ve been saying. It could indicate “loose” speech, such as gossiping, or saying things before thinking, or it could mean that you just feel stifled and at a loss for words. Possibly you find that the LSAT stifles you?

(4) Back at School

We’ve all had this dream. Most often, a dream about school is actually a commentary on your job. I think it has something to do with you looking at school as your real job, gotta be there on time and do the work or else you’ll get in trouble!

(5) Spouse Cheating on You

This indicates that you may think that your spouse or significant other is spending too much time on something that does not involve you. You feel like you are being “cheated” out of time with your loved one. Though, at this point your spouse or significant other probably feels that way about you and the LSAT!

Okay, I hope you found that interesting. I actually find dreams fascinating. You have a full day’s amount of worries, images, and emotions in your head that all melt and jumble into a few seconds of a dream (that always seems like so much longer).  Next time you have an LSAT dream, try looking up what it means, though, most likely, it just means you are a tad stressed out. Calm down and get back to the LSAT prep you’ve been putting off, before it shows up in your dream!”

Happy Studying!”

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