LSAT Prep Countdown: T-Minus 3 Weeks

Alright my LSAT prep friends, we are a little under three weeks away from the June LSAT. There’s no need to panic or stress out. You’ve been studying at a good pace so far and all you need to do is focus on your prep and really buckle down on reviewing and analyzing.

Just think, in three weeks, you’ll be free! Let’s go over over some main study points to focus on these next few weeks.

  1. Review, review, and then review some more!
    What a lot of students end up doing over the course of these next few weeks is take full-length practice LSATs day after day. While taking these practice exams can be very helpful in increasing your score and improving your endurance, this isn’t the key to achieving your target score. The magic word is review. Merely completing an LSAT practice exam is not enough. The key to raising your score is reviewing the work you have done. Once you finish your exam, take the time to go over each question (not just the ones you marked incorrectly). A great strategy is to not check the answers right away. Try the questions without time pressure and see if you select the same answer choice. This technique helps you eliminate the variable of time pressure. Through this you can better understand whether your issues stem from the question type or the time pressure. Then check your answers. If you chose an answer incorrectly the first time, but correctly the second time, it’s good news. This means you understand the question, you just read it too quickly. Use this as an opportunity to remind yourself to slow down and catch the key indicator words that are there to guide you.  If you chose an answer incorrectly both times, sit down with that question and dissect it. Analyze the correct answer and evaluate why it is correct and what made the answer you chose incorrect. Likewise, on the questions you marked correctly twice, analyze what techniques you used so you can use them again on similar question types. On every question you go through, identify what makes each incorrect answer incorrect and what makes each correct answer correct. The beauty of the LSAT is that there will always be four completely wrong answers and one right one.
  2. Don’t burn out. 
    Though you really want to hone in on your prep these last few weeks, you also want to make sure not to tire yourself out before the day of the exam. Taking practice LSATs every day is guaranteed to burn you out before the exam. Rather than taking tons of practice exams every day, find your sweet spot between taking timed, individual sections and reviewing your work. Efficient LSAT prep doesn’t just come from trying new questions. Taking the time to go over the work you have done is a great way to continue your LSAT prep for the day without burning yourself out. Furthermore, the more time you take to analyze the work you’ve done, the more the techniques you are learning will be ingrained in you. Thus, doing timed sections and then reviewing is just as helpful, if not more, than merely completing timed section after section.
  3. Take care of yourself. 
    Along the same lines as the above tip, make sure to stay healthy and refreshed over the course of these next few weeks. Avoid anyone who so much as sneezes near you. Drink lots of water and make sure to take your vitamins. And most of all, start getting a full night’s rest now! That’s at least seven hours a night. Lack of sleep catches up with you. The last thing you want on test day is to be struggling to keep your eyes open because a week before the exam you didn’t get enough sleep.

Follow these tips and get to your test day prepared and rejuvenated. You’ve got this in the bag. Make sure to stay on your study schedule and thank those people in your life who have been staunchly supporting you through this LSAT prep process.

Don’t worry, this exam will be done in the blink of an eye. Keep up the hard work!

Happy Studying!

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