LSAT Prep Test 74 December 2014 LSAT: Game 2 Explanation

Our LSAT prep today will be going over another logic game from LSAT Test 74. The second game builds upon the first by adding another layer to the straightforward linear game. We are faced with an easy Multi-Linear Game where we have to place lectures in a specific order, but also distinguish which art historian gives the lectures and on what topic.

So we have two rows establishing which art historian and which topic. Our first rule is a pure sequencing rule telling us that “o” and “w” are before “l.” We know how to make deductions with a pure sequencing rule. This tells use that “l” has two lectures before it, meaning “l” cannot be first or second, likewise, “o” and “w” cannot be the last lecture since they both have at least one lecture after them.

The second rule tells us that Farley does not lecture on oil paintings, since Farley’s lecture is earlier than the oil painting lecture. Likewise we know that the lecture on “o” cannot be first because Farley is lecturing before it and Farley’s lecture cannot be last since the lecture on “o” is after it.

Remember not to miss the step of combining rules 1 and 2 and extracting the deductions from it! A huge deduction that comes from this is that we can visualize the chain of F being before “o” and we know “l” is after “o.” This tells us that F cannot give the lecture on “o” or on “l” since F will be before both of them. Thus, we know that F can only give a lecture on wither “s” or “w.”

And the last rule is another pure sequencing rule telling us that H is before G and J. Again, make all the deductions that come along with a pure sequencing rule, e.g. G and J cannot be first since H is before both of them.

The importance of writing out all of our deductions is evident in question 7, since we can eliminate answer choice (A) and choose answer choose (B) as our Must Be True answer merely by looking at our deductions.

Question 9 can be answered within seconds because of the deduction we came up with by combining rules 1 and 2: that F can only lecture on “s” or “w.”

Again, the importance of taking the extra few steps and writing out all of your deductions and using your previous work can make all the difference in your timing for a games section.

Hopefully, you didn’t find this game to be too difficult. Go ahead and review our video explanation for the entire game setup below!