LSAT Prep Test 74 December 2014 LSAT: Game 3 Explanation

Our LSAT prep today will be going over another logic game from LSAT Test 74. The third game takes us away from the linear game model completely and introduces our first Grouping Game. We must distribute 5 our of six colors of thread into three different rugs. This means we will have one color not used. The rugs can be multicolored or solid in color.

It’s important to recognize that there are only two possible distributions for this game: 1-2-2 and 1-1-3. Never forget to write down your numerical distribution for a game because it will always come in handy when you are trying o make deductions.

Our first and second rule is a standard sufficient and necessary condition. Rules three through five are “not both” rules that tell us that two colors are never used in a rug together.

Now our deductions are driven by the numerical distributions. We have two possible scenarios for our 1-1-3 if “w” is in the tri-colored rug, and one possible scenario with “w” not being in the tri-colored rug. And we only have one possibility for our 1-2-2 distribution. Meaning, that in total we have four different options for the game.

Now, it’s so important to note that even though coming up with and writing out those four different scenarios takes up a little extra time, in the long-run, throughout the game, you will see how easy and quickly you will run through these questions.

Hopefully, you didn’t find this game to be too difficult. Go ahead and review our video explanation for the entire game setup below!