The Power of Positive Attitude

Alright, I know around this time, my LSAT Prep students will always call me or text me with downtrodden and defeated messages. Whether it’s a few test scores that haven’t gone up, or have stayed the same, or Jehovah-forbid, have gone down, I know how seriously you LSAT-takers take the scores you get on your practice exams, as you should. But, remember to take each individual test with a grain of salt and to look at the overall trend of your scores. I can’t tell you how many times my score would randomly drop points and I would stand on the ledge of my window thinking why me?!?

How can we fight these LSAT prep blues? Well, first, a positive attitude won’t hurt! Don’t you dare scroll down! Who are we kidding? We’re a self-selecting group, us masochistic LSAT-taking people. Most of us are already probably pretty cynical, and probably didn’t practice a lot of consistent positive self-talk on the reg even before our LSAT prep course began. BUT, your life is different now! You’ll never be the same. The LSAT has slowly crept into you and has made your already cynical pessimistic cells multiply and spread like a happiness-eating virus. So how are we going to defeat this?!?

Stick with me kids, I promise it’ll help. Positive attitude! Now, how do I make sure I have a positive attitude all the time? Well, for me, exercise is key. Listen, I’m no health nut; my snack pantry and penchant for baking prove so. But, I do find that as long as I get in even a fifteen minute run and get my heart racing, I’ll feel a lot better throughout the day. Have I lost you? Look, I hate running. It’s why the most I’ll ever run in a day is two miles hah. But, even that little bit of exercise pumps me with a ton of endorphins that helps me kick start my day.

Next—and here’s your proof that I’m in no way a health nut—sweets! Have some chocolate or cookies or whatever sweet-thing that floats your own boat around the house at all times. Sugar not only gets your endorphins up, but for most of us, it reminds us of our childhood; when we ate all the fun stuff we wanted without a care in the world (some of you may still be able to do this, and I officially hate you), and that in itself brings a smile to most. AND, since you went on your run, you can eat MORE sweets!

I remember during my own LSAT test prep, I had compartments of different snacks I’d go through throughout the day. Logic Games were more of a sugar snap pea section for me since I love Logic Games and needed some brain food to keep me truckin’. Logical Reasoning was a popcorn snack section for me because I needed a lot of fuel to get through all those questions, but wanted it to be light (and who are we kidding, buttery). Now Reading Comprehension was my behemoth section. That was my cookie dough or barely-baked brownie section. I needed to feel my endorphin rush, as this section was my LSAT-taking bane.

Anyway, that was my plug of the day: exercise and unhealthy foods. A nice balance, right? Try it. At least try one. Though, if you only try the latter you might have to loosen that belt of yours or possibly invest in some sweat pants, but hey, I’m not judging! I’m pretty sure I had many a sweat-pant-day during my own LSAT prep days.

Happy Studying!

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