Gearing Up For The February LSAT

As we discussed on Monday, those of you who were dissatisfied with your December LSAT Test score must decide whether or not to take the upcoming February LSAT. We weighed the pros and cons on Monday, and hopefully you’ve either made your decision or are very close to it. Yesterday was the early registration deadline for the February 2014 LSAT. The late registration deadline is January 16th. That means you have a little over a week to commit to taking the February LSAT.

We are exactly one month and four days away from the exam, meaning you February LSAT takers need to buckle down and really get into your LSAT prep! If you are using LSATMax, then start analyzing your practice LSATs. Utilize our analytics to hone in on your specific strengths and weaknesses.

For instance, if Reading Comprehension is your issue, start reading more on your “free time.” LSATMax students get a free 12-week subscription to The Economist for this exact reason.  Whenever you aren’t studying, grab some literature, preferably something more academic and dense, and read—practice reading the new material and digesting it as you go along. This will help you strengthen your speed and your understanding of the material. The Reading Comprehension section was actually the section I hated the most. I printed out as many Reading Comprehension sections as I could, and I kept taking them in four-passage increments until I could score four consecutive passages completely correct. It took a while, but by the fiftieth passage, you really start to see that most passages are the same. The LSAT is one big pattern. Once you’ve cycled through a few hundred of each type of question, you’ll start to see things more clearly.

Use this tactic with Logic Games, as well. More often than not students don’t take issue with the Logic Games section as a whole, as they might with Reading Comprehension. Rather, they’ll take issue with a certain type of game—be it group, hybrid, linear, etc. If that’s the case, print out as many of that specific type of game as you can, and dive in. Just as Neo took the red pill and was finally able to see the pattern and code of the “world” he lived in, you, too, will soon be able to see the LSAT for what it really is: one big pattern.

Similarly, if you find that you have an issue with a specific type of Logical Reasoning question, attack it head on. LSATMax is great because we divide out the questions for you so you can easily use your precious prep time to practice only Strengthen with Necessary Premise questions, or only Multi-Linear Games. Don’t waste your time picking through all of your practice exams to find the types of questions you want to work on. LSATMax does it for you!

Whatever course you use, now is the time to focus on analyzing your score, and honing in on your weak points. I’ll make sure to remind you when the late registration deadline is a few days away but for the time being, get back to your practice exam!

Happy Studying!

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