LSAT Prep Test 74 December 2014 LSAT: Game 4 Explanation

For the last of our LSAT Prep today, we end this Logic Games section with another Grouping Game where we are asked to assign at least two photographers to each of two graduation ceremonies. There are six photographers and no photographer can be assigned to more than one ceremony.

The first rule gives us an easy block telling us that F and H are assigned together. The other three rules are Sufficient & Necessary conditions.

Remember, the first thing you should check out when trying to draw out deductions is work around your most restricted rules. Our first rule is very restricted. We know that F and H must always be at the same ceremony. So, you should draw out the options of the FH block at Silva University and then at Thorne University.

In our scenario with FH in Silva University, we know that K is in Thorne University because the contrapositive of rule number states that when H is not in Thorne (which is the case in our first scenario), then K will be in Thorne. We are left with “G, L, or M” as the second photographer in Thorne University.

In our second scenario with FH in Thorne University we must look at our next restricted rule. Well, rule number two is a great candidate since we know that if L and M are both assigned, they will not be assigned to the same ceremony. So once we play around with that rule we say that we can have two other options with L and M in, once with L in Silva and once with L in Thorne.

So, after a little maneuvering we are left with three scenarios: one with F and H in Silva and two with F and H in Thorne. Again, even though it will take you a little extra time to go through the options, as long as you focus on the restricted rules, you will see the amazing benefit of writing out the options and deducing the various possibilities on the setup.

Go ahead and try out taking the extra time to deduce the options and see how much time you will save when you hit the questions. Check out our video below once you’ve done this for a full explanation of the entire game setup!